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Nintendo 3DS Console ONLY - AS-IS (GG101)

Nintendo 3DS Console ONLY - AS-IS (GG101)

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This console was featured in this video:

Console does not turn on and charging is finicky. May have other issues.

The following is included:

  • Red Nintendo 3DS Console

The following work has been done on this item:

  • The exterior of this console was cleaned (the inside was NOT and cleaned)

Other notes:

  • Significant scuffs, scratches, and marker stains on outside of the console
  • Scratches on upper screen
  • Minor scratches on lower screen
  • Circle pad is scratched
  • Rubber feet on bottom of console and upper screen are missing
  • This console is sold AS-IS with no warranty or guarantee of functionality.
  • Please take a look at the included photos to see the exact condition of the items
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