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Nintendo Wii White Console ONLY (Used)

Nintendo Wii White Console ONLY (Used)

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This console was featured in Episode 12 of The Texas Load:

Please note that by default, we do NOT factory reset Wii consoles in case you would like to keep the existing channels, Miis, game saves, etc. Any personal info will be removed. Please include a note in your order if you would like the console factory reset before being shipped to you.

The following is included:

  • White Nintendo Wii Console

The following work has been done on this console:

  • The outside of this console has been cleaned and blown out
  • This console has NOT been opened up and cleaned on the inside

Other notes:

  • This console includes our standard 30 day used console warranty
  • This console is GameCube compatible
  • Please take a look at the included photos to see the exact condition of the items
  • This is a pre-owned console that has signs of wear and tear, and may still have some dust in the hard-to-reach cracks and crevices
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