Get a FREE Game

Interested in getting a 100% FREE game or FREE Hampton Haul/Texas Load sticker sheet? Just follow the steps below!

  1. Sign up for WhatNot using my link:
  2. You'll now have a $15 credit to use on your first purchase
  3. Go to my profile on WhatNot (search Jacobr)
  4. Click on my upcoming livestream and bookmark it
  5. Make sure to be present during my livestream (you can check out the date and time on my livestream)
  6. During my livestream, I will have plenty of games to auction off, and I will have games listed in the Buy Now section for $15 and $20, which you can use your $15 credit on
  7. Now if you purchase one of the $15 games with your $15 credit, it will be 100% free, as long as you're in the US
  8. I ship theĀ game to you!